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Head Coach -Trainer MEN Vacancy Belgium

The Belgium Table Tennis Association – Flemish part (VTTL), is still seeking a Head-Coach for the senior players (Cédric Nuytinck, Robin Devos, Laurens Devos and Olav Kosolosky) and other future top-players to complete the staff of 3 coaches and a physiotherapist.

In this job you will be responsible for all aspects of the development and results of the players (planning, training, coaching before, during and after tournaments). To fill this exciting and demanding role we are looking for a dynamic individual with experience in men’s international table tennis coaching and a commitment to contribute to the Flemish Table Tennis Federation vision ‘making Table Tennis the most successful indoor sport in Belgium ‘.

Job description: Head Coach-Trainer for men’s team 

Starting date : 1st of April 2021

General items :

  • You speak English and basic Dutch (after 1 year ) during training 
  • You have the highest trainer-coaching degree in your country
  • Standard training location is Leuven, Belgium .You will be flexible for trainings sessions and you are expected to travel abroad
  • You have adequate experience in working with world top players
  • You have a driver’s license
  • Salary : To be discussed ; Independent contract

Duties and responsibilities :

  • End responsibility for sportive policy of the elite team (selection procedure, season’s planning, training planning, …)
  • Participates at and leads the process of the men’s senior team as a trainer/coach, throughout the entire season with a fixed amount of practices during the week and intensively during the preparation phase of major tournaments (European championships, World championships, …)
  • Making a season’s planning, periodisation, weekly schedules, technical/tactical analysis for all the senior male players
  • Takes the sportive lead during major tournaments
  • Advising and supporting role in the topsportschool and regional training
  • Monitors (together with the technical director) the development line in Flemish table tennis
  • Reports to the topsportcommission and the high performance technical director.

Applications can be send and discussed : and +32 475 315633 

If you think you got what it takes ..we look forward to hear from you .Please send your letter and CV before 1st of March 2021 to

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